BUSTING Into the FAIL! 😅😂 | Fails of the Month | AFV 2020

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Check out this “BUSTING Into the FAIL! 😅😂 | Fails of the Month | AFV 2020” video below:

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We’ve got all the #FAILS you need to start the week right! Tickle your funny bone by watching these #funnyfails and trying not to laugh LOL. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library of #fail clips and we’ve put together a…..(read more)

28 thoughts on “BUSTING Into the FAIL! 😅😂 | Fails of the Month | AFV 2020

  1. Every video I’ve seen with people falling over hurdles they’ve all jumped them the wrong way, there’s only 1 right side to jump on hurdles.

  2. Why is this funny? Is this for babies? This cant be entertainment for adults! A dog with a roll of toilet paper not funny a guy who slips on a strap not funny a lady puts on lipstick falls a man trying to run a skinboard falls boring a lady pushes a lady down played out boring how is this funny? People on a hammock dont tell me let me guess oh right again…they fall…shocker. oh wow videos lifted from other compilations shocker old videos. Boring and not funny watching someone fall or get injured its so infant intellect to get any emotion other than concern that this is what we are being fed? Our brains are better than this. Im out. This stupidity is czncelled.

  3. Remember, when it comes to elections, each one of these people has the same influence as the most eminently qualified, responsible and competent people in society. So much for one person one vote.

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