BAD IDEA Went BROKE! 😅 | Funny Fails | AF 2021

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31 thoughts on “BAD IDEA Went BROKE! 😅 | Funny Fails | AF 2021

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  2. Old ladies believe the can ride the Hoover boards, slow reflex, poor balance, not flexible. Well when they fall of they do that well. LOL

  3. Really loved the dog circling inside the suitcase and the cat reaching out of a suitcase to catch the hand, very cute! I'm shocked by how many older people risked breaking bones by getting on those dangerous motorized scooter boards or whatever they are called. Those things have been responsible for a lot of trips to the ER. And what's with parents giving kids big, expensive trucks or any vehicle? They'll appreciate it more if they have to work to pay for it.

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