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Book Vs TV

i definitely prefer Books!

Crush Memes We Like

LOL one time I was listening to this song and I did something and my headphones came off. And at the same time my crush said he wished that he could have a girlfriend. Let’s just say my best friend leaned over to another one of my friends and said “I ship it.” XD

[COMPLETED]Help Me (BTS Jin X Reader)

16 year old Y/N is constantly moving to different places becuase of t… #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad

Un baiat isi cauta o prietena “fare alfe de smechera” – Sabina Cornovac Online

Mari cerinte domne’ de la iubirea asta 🙂

Greu cu unii pacienti

O multime de bancuri si imagini haioase cu doctori gasiti pe bancuri365.ro